10 Tips To Prepare You For A Healthy Pregnancy

During the first few weeks of pregnancy a babyís body undergoes rapid growth and each development relies on precise, successful development in the previous stage. Because so much is happening so quickly, these first weeks are a particularly vulnerable period. Since nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended, living an eco-conscious, healthy lifestyle may be the best thing you can do to prepare your body for having children, planned or not.This goes for the gentlemen too – toxins are known to affect the health and mobility of sperm. To prevent birth defects or other unintended health impacts, get started now.
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Multivitamins and Healthy Birth Weight

Infants born to mothers who supplemented with a multiple vitamin early in their pregnancy demonstrated higher birth weights than those infants whose mothers were given a placebo, according to a recent study. Our doctors recommend a comprehensive multivitamin along with high quality fish oils as a prenatal supplement.

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Source: Effect of multiple-micronutrient supplementation on maternal nutrient status, infant birth weight and gestational age at birth in a low-income, multi-ethnic population