Stem Cells and Prolozone: Alternatives to Joint Replacement, Drugs and Surgery

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  • Can’t move well or use an arm or leg?
  • Acute or chronic joint pain?
  • Told you need surgery or surgery didn’t work?
  • Pain medications are not helping or you can’t get off drugs?
  • Unable to exercise or do the things you like?

The ability to move and act is vital to continued survival and happiness. People who can no longer lead an active lifestyle due to pain or limited range of motion are at an extreme disadvantage. They are limited in the activities that they once enjoyed and very often have worsening chronic illness including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and others.

Present day conventional therapies include pain medication, steroids and surgery which are treatments that may not handle the problem and can actually worsen the condition. Stem cells and Prolozone are minimally invasive therapies that actually help the body regenerate tissue while reducing or even eliminating pain and inflammation. Get back the lifestyle you enjoy!Continue Reading